New Perspective for 2021

New Perspective for 2021

ARIES- Decisions in January are in your favor and bring expansion. February is full of positive changes that are refreshing. Completion in the first part of March makes space for new beginnings soon after. Changes help you thrive in April and the rewards are plentiful. Slow down in May and let the dust settle a bit. Emotions are challenging in June and it will be important to be resilient. Let go of needing to explain yourself in July and simply do what makes you happy. Ask for what you want in August then work on being open to receiving it. September will ask you to extend yourself completely and work together with others. Take the lead in October and do it in a way that other people want to follow you. Make sure you want the control position in November before you promise to take it. December brings more responsibility because people know they can trust you. Appreciate the position you are in and be proud of yourself.

TAURUS- Be authentic in January and realize how many people trust you. Keep your opinion to your self in February and simply go about your own business. Your heart wants love in March and your body feels like playing. Take a chance in relationships in April and you could be delightfully surprised. Good things come your way in May and they will encourage you to make changes. Slow down in June and remind yourself to take your time with everything that you do. Challenge yourself in July to be a more active participantant in your life. Notice how confident your feel in August and venture into some new areas. September is filled with cooperative experiences so let other people help you. A quiet approach in October could be because you are working on your next plan. Trust yourself in November and let yourself be more vulnerable. December brings decisions and commitments that help you feel more trusting. Let yourself discover that you really do matter.

GEMINI- Talk about your changes in January and begin making a plan. Engage your plan in February and recognize you may need to adjust it. Be brave in March and take steps forward in the direction you want to go. Give yourself permission to take care of your needs in April and you will feel noticeably better. Slow down in May and realize how much better you feel. Nurture yourself in the first of June so that you can feel vibrant for the rest of the month. Be proud of yourself in July and realize you are setting a good example. Personal soul searching in August will lead to an improvement in all of your relationships. Appreciate the people in your life in September and remember to let it show. Trust yourself more than usual in October and many other people will benefit also. Take time in November to give yourself credit for how much you have changed this year. December finds you setting goals for the upcoming year and making a plan. Stay flexible in your approach and you can do amazing things.

CANCER- A desire for your own space could inspire you to make a decision in January. Be willing to put yourself into a process in February that could bring you what you are looking for. Trust your intuition in March and follow your heart. Keep it simple in April and focus only on your own needs. Home and family get your attention in May, let yourself be supported by the people who care about you. Be honest about your needs in June so they can be taken care of. Step up and express yourself in July and do it in a creative way. Work opportunities in August make it easier to make decisions about the future. Relationships feel challening in the beginning of September but they flow a lot better by the middle of the month. Self care is an important ingredient in making your life work in October. November brings decisions and integration and this will help you feel more supported. Doing the opposite of what you imagined in December could turn out to be just what you need. Be ready for something new as you step into the New Year.

LEO- A fast beginning in January could slow down considerably after the first week. Be patient in February and be content taking small steps forward. A quick start in March could be short lived due to unexpected changes. Hit the reset button on April and you will be amazed with how well things turn out. Conversations are hopeful in May but it will take a while for the changes to occur. Talk to yourself in June and make sure you are ready to present yourself to the world. Stand in the spotlight in July and let yourself be seen. Be willing to do the hard work in August and you will reap the rewards. Enjoy your relationships in September and realize how important they are to you. You are an inspiration to those around you in October so pay attention to what you are doing. Responsibilities need your attention in November so take care of whatever is presenting itself. December brings multiple opportunities to be excited about what you are doing. Celebrate that you get to be you in a way that you have dreamed about.

VIRGO- Significant changes in January require a lot of focus and commitment. Steps taken in February are effective and are noticed by other people. A creative approach in March is the answer to a challenging situation.  Be content with small progress in the beginning of April and it will increase by the end of the month. A conscious decision on your part in May will inspire integration with those around you. Patience and choosing loving words will be what helps June be easier to move through. Volunteer to lead the way in July and it gives others a chance to see more of your abilities. Rewards are plentiful in August and are well deserved. Let the world see your talents in September so they can support you. Step outside of your comfort zone in October and you will discover you still have new parts inside of you to explore. Big decisions go in your favor in November and may be held in high regard. Appreciate the life that you have created in December and realize it's time to enjoy it more. You have worked very hard to be here now give yourself the credit you deserve.

LIBRA- Decisions are made in January that inspire change. Be patient in February while waiting for others to make their decision. March brings changes that you will find refreshing. Focus on yourself in April as you continue to make change. Slow down a little in May and realize how much change you have already made. Listen to your inner voice in June and it will guide you the next level of your journey. Enthusiasm will go a long way in July and it may inspire other people to help you. Make a plan in August and be sure to pay attention to the details. Relationships get your attention in September as you discover you are getting what you asked for. Check your boundaries in October and make sure you are putting yourself first. Decisions are emotional in November and you will feel good about making the choice. December brings an opportunity to change your direction and make a new plan. Have faith in what is showing up in your life as this year comes to a close.

SCORPIO- Conversations about change in January could inspire you to make a decision. Hold steady with your plan in February as you see many people changing direction. Trust yourself in March and follow your heart. Keep an open mind in April as you consider a new beginning. Be honest about your feelings in May and this will help you feel closer to those around you. Appreciate your relationships in June and do something to let it show. Take the high road in July and consider the alternative that is being presented. Organize your thoughts in August and it will be easier for you to explain what you need. Set good boundaries for yourself in September and follow through with respecting them. Moderation will make a big difference in October if you want to have a better experience. Life feels very real in November and this makes it very easy to make your choices. December brings a stability to love and money so take a deep breath and relax. You are entering a process at the end of this year that will help you trust yourself more in the future.

SAGITTARIUS- Enjoy your freedon in the first week of January then focus more on the responsibilites in your life. Take care of business in February and balance it with some fun as well. A desire for privacy in March could inspire you to find some alone time. Doing your own thing is very apppealing in April and it will help you rejuvenate. Staying busy in May helps you be detached with what is taking place aound you. Letting go of old emotions in June will revive a part of yourself that has been tucked away. You are in your element in July so shine your light brightly for all to see. Ask for what you want in August and be willing to do the hard work that it involves. Learn to let people help you in September and it will lighten your load and make your life easier. Make a point to be inspirational in October and you will see the impact you have on others. Necessary responsibilities get your attention for most of November but by the end of the month you will have more freedom. December finds you dreaming about far away places. Be patient as it may still take a little while to happen.

CAPRICORN- January asks for you to set a good example for those around you. A patient approach in February will pay off in the long run. A lack of definition in March is asking for a more creative approach. Be content with small changes in April and realize they add up to a big change. Be mindful with each step in May because you are setting the tone for your future. Conversations are challenging and inconsistent in June and emotions could make them even more complicated. Take care of your needs in the first part of July because you will want to be prepared for the last week, A lot of hard work in August will feel satisfying because you can see the impact of what you are doing. Choose your own pace in September as you see some people accellerating. Extra patience will be required in most of your conversations in October. A significan shift in November helps a lot of pieces fall into place. December is a time to appreciate everything you have done to get to this point. Have faith that life is about to get easier.

AQUARIUS- Talk about the changes you want to make next and begin making a plan in January. Realize the plan needs to be adjusted in February and celebrate the reason why. Agree to do something new in March that fills your heart with joy. Recognize the new beginnings that are happening in April and let your happiness show. Share what you love during May and you could create more joyful opportunities. Slow down in June and let others have their moment. Shine your light in July and realize the impact you have on others. Believe in your process in August and remind yourself that you can be patient. Trust enough in September to immerse in what you love. Let the world see what you are doing in October, they are really going to like it. Continue sharing your talents in November and be receptive to the support. Appreciate all of your relationships in December and realize  you are part of something greater than yourself. Cooperate with the people around you and together you will make a difference.

PISCES- Trust the structure you are developing in January and realize it is good for you. Partake and participate in what you love in February and you will be reminded why it is important to do this. Love yourself deeply in March and notice how all of your relationships improve. Step outside of your comfort zone in April and you will expand your possibilities. Feel the stirring inside of yourself in May and realize you are ready for a change. Go with the flow in June and let it move you to a more comfotable way of living. Let your joy show in July and remember how good that feels. Follow the steps in August and you will get your reward. Be an active participant in September and enjoy what is happening. Step back in October and make choices that support your health and well being. Relax in November and let it be easy and decide to do this more often. You know exactly what to next in December, you simply need to be willing to take action. Step up and take action and get ready for the new year.