Eileen Lock

Lightning and Thunder

BY Eileen Lock

Thunder is a 9 foot 500 lb. dolphin. I had heard about echolocation but until it happens to you there is really no way to explain it! All I remember was the look in the dolphin's eyes, a quick sound, then it felt like lightning went in through the top of my head ran down my spine, and out my arms and legs. While I was in the water I was not as aware of the intensity of my experience, but when I stepped out, and started to walk away, the emotion that rolled through me was incredible. All I could do was cry. They were tears of a deeper love than I could have ever anticipated. It felt like any control that I had on love was gone and all I could do was feel it.
I was glad to discover that the next three days with the dolphins were not as intense, but the change had already occurred and it was affecting everything I was doing. The love that I was feeling filled my heart in a way that I would wish for everyone.
The dolphins truly understand oneness and when you look into the eyes of a dolphin you understand the connection that holds us all together, and it is love. When a dolphin comes to you with their heart open all you can do is feel this. I began to remember how deeply I am loved, and how deeply we can feel love for all beings.
We all deserve to feel love deeply, and when we choose to go into that space it comes available quickly. We all have the capacity to feel this deep level of love; all we have to do is be willing.