Remember To Dream

A Manifestation Project

Recently I was inspired to list 120 things that I would be

willing to have manifest in my life.

I then entered into a process that lead to 50+ of those things

manifesting in less than a year.  

I realized during this process that I had forgotten how to dream.

Why do we forget?

Do we simply give up or do we get side tracked?

I have decided to share the process that I developed

(with the help of a couple of friends)

If you knew it was possible to begin manifesting

within 30 days would you?

Join me for


A Manifestation Project

This 30 day program includes 2 one hour private sessions

by phone, Facetime or SKYPE

and the necessary guidance to help you

manifest your dreams.

Are you willing to dream again?

Are you ready to see your dreams manifest?

Suggested donation: $250

Members of my Family and Friends program

can incorporate this into their existing program.


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