Switzerland and More

Photo Gallery

I recently had the pleasure of travelling to Switzerland, England and Iona, Scotland.
It was amazing, I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Interlaken, from the train

On our way to Murren

The Eiger Guesthouse, our place for 2 days

A wonderful day in Murren, so quiet and peaceful

She asked me "How Big are those mountains?" .
The view from our hotel, The Eiger Mountain

Next stop Zermatt!

Our place for the next three nights

My new favorite spot
My friend the Matterhorn

An overnight surprise

A day in Lucerne
Then the long trek to Iona

It definitely feels like home

The Abbey, dates back to the 6th Century

This trip was more than I can fit on one page.
More pictures available on my Facebook page

Always be grateful for the gifts life has to offer