New Perspective for October

 Adjust your approach on the 1st in order to elevate your experience. Appreciation goes a long way on the 3rd and it can attract opportunities. The New Moon on the 6th asks you to be clear with yourself about your position in relationships. Give yourself the freedom to move forward on the 7th and explore the possibilities. Conversations are significant on the 9th and decisions are being made.

        Talking about your changes could feel awkward on the 11th. Give it a couple of days and you will notice how much better it feels by the 15th. A pleasant surprise on the 16th is much needed so enjoy it. Everything seems to be speeding up after the 18th and it’s important to be prepared to move forward. The Full Moon on the 20th could find you looking for a new beginning.

        Be ready to turn a corner and begin moving in a new direction on the 21st. Let go of old ideas near the 24th and realize how important it is to be receptive to what’s happening. Dream a little bit on the 26th and let your heart make suggestions. Welcome something joyful on the 28th and remember to fully appreciate it. Cooperation is available on the 31st so be willing to ask for help. Sharing your gratitude will make it even better.