New Perspective for August





Unexpected changes on the 1st bring relief and the feeling of more changes coming. Be a listener on the 3rd and you could hear your answer. Trust enough to step forward on the 7th and let the feelings in your heart show. A challenging experience on the 8th could still be helpful in the long run. Give yourself a chance to integrate what you already know on the 9th before you start asking more questions.


The Full Moon on the 11th invites you to make yourself the most important and do something nice for you. Action taken on the 14th is helpful and it’s fine to keep it to yourself. Conversations on the 16th are supportive and could inspire opportunities in the near future. An open heart attracts joyful moments on the 18th especially when you let life be simple. A variety of experiences after the 20th will remind you how many sides of yourself there are.


A strong desire to reorganize your life after the 22nd could inspire you to start making healthier choices. Listen to your heart on the 24th and accept the invitation to let go of your fears. The New Moon on the 27th could find you making strong decisions in regards to relationships. Be kind to yourself and others on the 28th and realize everyone is feeling quite full. Let yourself dream on the 31st and discover what you really want to do next.