New Perspective for September


Step outside of your box on the 2nd and realize the awkward feeling is because this is new. Conversations on the 4th help you make important decisions. Opportunities are available during the New Moon on the 6th and it’s easy to make the changes. More conversations between the 7th and the 10th could leave you with a lot to process. Emotions are strong during the next few days so remember to take a few extra breaths along the way.


A new approach after the 14th focuses on relationships and cooperation. Listen on the 16th and save your decision for another day. The Full Moon on the 20th brings harmony and completion. The Fall Equinox on the 22nd could require trust and a change of viewpoint. Let go on the 23rd and notice what you gravitate towards.


Steps taken on the 25th are decisive and cooperative. Listen and trust after the 26th and let your heart lead the way, Decisions are clear and effective on the 29th and you could have reason to celebrate. Realize how many options you have on the 30th and notice how supportive that feels.