New Perspective for July



Take the high road on the 1st and you will set the tone for the month. Make a decision on the 2nd and then hold yourself to it. A significant shift on the evening of the 4th could change many things from that point on. Notice how good your heart feels on the 6th and realize there has been a healing. An abundance of information on the 8th could take time to fully understand. By the 10th life starts to make more sense.


The Full Moon on the 13th is surrounded by a lot of conversations to help you know what to do. Pay attention to the rules on the 16th and realize they are necessary guidelines. Find some quiet time on the 18th and keep your opinion to yourself. Challenge yourself to continue this behavior over the next two days.


Think about yourself on the 22nd and watch for opportunities to have a good time. Use moderation on the 24th or you could have some explaining to do later. Conversations are challenging on the 26th when you are asked to be honest about your actions. The New Moon on the 28th invites honesty and change. Keep an open mind on the 30th and realize things may be different than what you think. Notice that new beginnings are already surfacing on the 31st and let yourself celebrate the future.