with Eileen and Laughing Lydia

Would you like more joy in your life?

Experience laughter

and discover

 how wonderful it is!

Begin living your life with more enthusiasm.

Make the choice

 to be happy!

Laughter is Universal, everyone can do it.

We love bringing joy

 to your experience.

We live, love and laugh everywhere we go.

Would you like us

to bring more joy to you?

You can invite us to

raise the joy level in your life and business

or bring enthusiasm to your next conference.

 Lydia and I have been friends for 25+ years.

We have discovered many ways to

bring a smile to your face

and inspire joy in your heart.

Whether we are in your home, your office,

or at your

team building workshop in Maui,

we promise to help you have a much better time.