Eileen Lock

My ABC's

My ABC's

A is for Attitude ~

In the journey of happiness, attitude is everything. We have the ability to choose our mood in every situation. If you want to be happy ever after, make the effort and find something that makes you happy in every event. Sometimes a challenge, yet always rewarding. It requires you to take responsibility for all that you have created. Trust enough to give yourself the opportunity to remember there is joy in all things.

B is for Beautiful ~

Beautiful is definitely a state of mind. Be in the center of your heart with yourself. Feel the love that you have for yourself and as you radiate I guarantee you will feel and look beautiful.

C is for center ~

Deep in the center of your being is more love than you can possibly imagine. If you've never been, you really should go there. It is the best vacation spot on the planet. Make a reservation to go to your center. Spend time there and make a promise to have this be a place where someday you will come and stay. Love begins from within that wellspring inside of each of us. We feed the planet, and everyone on it, by opening our hearts to all that is. Trust yourself enough to surrender to the love within you.

D is for direction ~

It's not so much where you are going, but who told you that you should. Make sure it is you guiding. It's acceptable to ask for instructions along the way, but the final left and right are up to you. Listen to your heart and move toward where it feels free to be open and loving. Life will lead you exactly where you need to be if you fly with both wings open and your heart straight out in front of you!

E is for Enthusiasm ~

Always make sure you do at least some of what you love, and do it with joy. I believe it is the enthusiasm for life that keeps us alive. Remember that you enjoy before you begin and approach everything with gratitude. Life changes quickly and you should live it with a smile.

F is for Forever ~

Love is the energy that connects all things. No matter what you do the love that holds you as a part of this experience will go on forever. Life, and our experience of love, will continue to change but beyond our perception the love will continue. Let yourself remember how deeply you are loved and hold that in your heart forever. When you are free from needing others to love you, then you can truly feel the love they have for you. Love yourself deeply and the joy that you radiate will be enough to heal everything around you.

G is for Gratitude ~

The best gift that you can give back to our world is to be an expression of gratitude. Take the time to appreciate your life. Treat those around you with respect and love because they are a part of what sustains you. Be involved in your life and make good choices because you appreciate the opportunity to be you.

H is for Healing ~

As you accept responsibility for your life the anger dissipates and the healing can begin. The love, which has always been there, becomes the driving influence and changes happen naturally. Trust in your ability to create from love. As you let life be easy the energy expands and more opportunities are created.

I is for Integrity ~

Personal integrity is definitely necessary. To be whole within yourself requires that you listen to all of you and make each part important. Give yourself time to integrate changes. It will help you sustain a sense of unity. Recognize the similarity of integration with integrity. I'm sure one supports the other.

J is for Joy ~

Joy is what keeps the heart pumping. It is important to gather as much joy as possible to be used on those dark days. Be willing to be the one to muster up a smile knowing it will create a ripple. There is always something positive in everything that happens and the quicker you can find that position the healthier you will be.

K is for kisses ~

A little spark will lift your spirits and bringing the lips to the moment of love is a wonderful treat. Find someone you care for and make sure your lips get a chance to touch. Whether animal or human or even your Teddy Bear, we all enjoy it and I suggest you do it as often as you are comfortable.

L is for Love ~

My wish for mankind is that we all remember that we each already love, and are loved by, everyone and get on to enjoying it. Let go of trying to make or break it and let it be. We have a natural way of being where we belong. Enjoy where you are before you look elsewhere.

M is for Money ~

Your checkbook is the barometer to your heart. It shows what you do with the love that surrounds you. Do you take enough in? Do you let enough out? Do you feel like you have enough to give away at least as much? At some point there needs to be a steadiness that allows a surplus to build within. Knowing you are plenty, it is easy to be open to giving.

N is for Necessary ~

It's amazing how something that seemed so necessary one minute can be irrelevant the next. The only thing necessary is to be honest with your self, everything else will take care of itself from there.

O is for Oneness ~
Beyond our perception there is a oneness that we are a part of. We are totally supported by this oneness and it is time for us to remember this. What you see in another is a reflection of a part of you. Have compassion when others struggle. Offer an open heart, as you would want someone to offer to you.

P is for Play ~

Play is definitely an important ingredient. Laughter keeps all of those small places within us moving and well exercised. The twinkle in your eye connects straight to your heart and shows the world that you are grateful to be here. Life wants to be enjoyed, let it show you the way.

Q is for quirks ~

Harmony is many people each doing their own unique part. It's the quirks that keep it interesting. Appreciate the diversity and remember they are all a reflection of you.

R is for Remember ~

Birth is like amnesia and we spend the rest of our life remembering what we were sure we would never forget. Remember that you are loved deeply. Remember how easy life is meant to be. Remember this was your idea.

S is for Sharing ~

If everyone is a part of you then you are only sharing with yourself. Give willingly. Trust that you are also benefiting. Open your heart and share in what is being given to you. Receiving is a part of sharing.

T is for Trust ~

Trust is like a foreign language to some people, certainly not the first language spoken in the home. It can be learned and is well worth the effort. The only person you ever have to trust is yourself. If you know that you can, and will trust your instincts, nothing else matters. You will always be safe.

U is for Understanding ~

Understanding is an interesting word. To stand under, or to be supportive of. Realize that by being understanding you are able to lift the experience of others. Some personal strength will come in handy if you expect to do this often.

V is for Vulnerability ~

Vulnerability is the greatest act of trust. The vastness of life requires our total surrender to receive the greatness it is offering. Receive life with an open heart and you will be understood.

W is for Willingness ~

Free will is one of the greatest gifts of life. Use it wisely and often. Surrender to your experience and display trust. This is your creation, receive it willingly. Be a partner in your life and make choices accordingly. You can move your life when you set you mind to it.

X is for X- Ray ~

When you take the time to look inside of yourself it is easy to see what makes you tick. Realize that each part is connected to the whole and support cooperation within your self. Recognize your own voice when it speaks to you. It knows better than any one what your needs are.

Y is for Yes ~

Say yes when your heart asks if you are important. Say yes when life presents your dreams. Say yes to being healthy and happy. Most importantly remember that it's never to late, you can always say yes.

Z is for Zeal ~

Zeal is having an enthusiastic devotion to a cause. Life is a good enough cause. Place your zeal into your list of choices and pick it often to experience. The smallest things in life can promote it. Be devoted to your own happiness and the zeal will be a part of it.

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