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DOLPHIN TAO~ An Original painting
by Kristina Bak.
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What I think...

Dolphin Love in Central Oregon


It is an amazing feeling to watch people become immediate friends after witnessing a profound experience together. The love in their eyes as they gaze at each other with total speechlessness melts all differences between them.


            In June there was a gathering of this type between local Bend residents who feel this way about each other. This was a group of people who have recently been swimming with wild dolphins. The “Dolphin Pod Reunion” consisted of seven local residents and two from out of town. The desire to be together again and revisit the feelings of profound love was consistent with everyone. When asked to talk about what impacted them the most, many said that although the dolphins were amazing and certainly played a role in bringing us all together, it was having the experience with other humans that actually changed them the most. There were multiple stories of how the level of interaction between everyone after swimming with the dolphins invited more emotional transformation than they ever imagined was possible. Many spoke of the gratitude they feel in their lives now that they are back to work and have returned to their relationships. Everyone felt deeply changed by the experience and many are looking forward to going back again, and again, and again.


            The unanimous favorite experience from this year’s trip came on the third day. The first day out we had eight dolphin encounters and we were all grinning from ear to ear. When we awoke to a storm the next day our exhausted bodies gave thanks for the marina and we each had a chance to regroup. By the time we returned to the dolphin area on the third day we were ready to go! When we first jumped in the water there were about 20 dolphins around us. The water was still pretty choppy and the dolphins were excited to be with us. They were darting and dashing between us like slalom racers. Mostly they were spotted dolphins then a few bottlenose dolphins joined us.  When a large bottlenose dolphin swam up to me and zapped me with his echo location I felt I was ready to get out because I felt so open I thought I had experienced plenty. Then I looked around and realized that a lot more dolphins had arrived. There were so many dolphins around me I felt I needed to stay in that water and have the experience. The captain told us later that he counted at least 60 dolphins swimming and surrounding us for more than 2 hours. Many times they swam within inches of us, swimming in circles around us as we all shared in their playfulness. As we finally left the water we were standing on the boat looking at each other with amazement, emotion overtaking many of us. In that moment I knew we had all experienced something so profound that words could not explain what had just happened. What I do know is that each of us, having spent time with the dolphins, has had the opportunity to feel love more deeply than ever before. When I see the others that I have shared this experience with you can see it in our eyes when we meet that the love is deep that runs between us. This is a level of loving that we all are welcome to feel. There are many other ways to achieve this but I must say swimming with dolphins is one of my favorites.


Over the last few years I have been leading spiritual retreats that involve swimming with the dolphins in the Florida Keys, Hawaii and most recently in the Bimini Islands, Bahamas. After swimming with the dolphins numerous times over the last 7 years I have come to understand what they have been teaching us. We are learning from them how to love each other in ways that we have forgotten. The dolphins live together in harmony, playing and loving each other with a level of joy higher than anything else I have ever seen. Being in the water with them invites us to feel this love within ourselves and then share it with each other so we may all have more bliss in our lives.

 July 2005

The Bimini Road, Bahamas



The first time I ever signed up to swim with dolphins I realized I really was not very comfortable in the water and perhaps I should prepare myself for the trip. I joined the local Athletic Club and began to learn to swim with a snorkel and fins. Due to my emotional discomfort I consulted a psychic friend of mine and in the reading she said It looks like you are going to drown, but they will bring you back. She went on to translate this as I might have some difficulty in the water and it may appear that I have drowned, but not to worry because she saw me alive afterwards. Because I believe in free will I decided to be very careful and make good choices. My experience at Dolphin Camp in the Florida Keys was delightful and there was no near drowning.


            Now, 7 years and many dolphin swims later I find myself in the Bimini Islands. I have flown on a seaplane here with 16 others from all around our country, including three dear friends from home. It is my job to be with them while they experience swimming with the dolphins and other delightful sea creatures. As a group we are discovering our own pod consciousness. This remembering of a feeling of connectedness is a huge part of what we seem to be doing out here. Living on a 90 foot boat for 6 nights, eating delightful food and enjoying the company of fascinating people has reminded me of the importance of feeling connected with those around us.


            It was our third day out on the ocean. We had snorkeled in waters filled with lots of dolphins as well as sting rays, sharks, barracuda and so many types of fish that I will never remember all of their names. The captain decides it is time to explore the Bimini Road. This is a place of which there is great controversy. Some have recently said the Chinese built it to dock and even lift their ships onto shore. Other more spiritual researchers, including Edgar Cayce have speculated the discovery of the Bimini Road to be the return of our awareness of Atlantis. Many have spoken of their visions of Atlantis either having been in this place or some even suggesting that it all still exists there in a dimension beyond our 3rd dimension of which we live. Well, I have been involved in metaphysics since I was very young and the idea of being in Atlantis was tantalizing.

I have brought a group of people here with me who recognize my intuitive skills and are very open to any and all experiences we may have as we jump into this water. You could feel the anticipation of everyone on the boat as we donned our gear and waited for the boat to stop.


            I was the last one to enter the water. I could see everyone ahead of me and I was only about a minute behind. I jumped into the water, checked in with someone who had decided to stay behind then I turned and ventured forward to catch the others. The Bimini Road was only about 20 yards off the boat. Apparently when the other swimmers reached the road the current pick them all up and carried them off downstream. I on the other hand, swimming like crazy to catch them, was so focused on reaching them I swam right over the road never seeing it. Therefore I ended up straight across the road from the boat while everyone else was off a half mile away. Before I knew it I was looking around for other snorkels and there was none to be found. I know better than to swim alone, heck I am the staff person who is supposed to be out here helping everyone else! Common sense tells me to turn around and go back to the boat. Meanwhile the waters begin to get rougher and the swells are growing making it difficult to see any distance. As I begin the swim back I realized that no matter how hard I was kicking I seemed to be going nowhere. The current was so strong that I started feeling like I could not get back across the road and to the boat. Suddenly my mind flashes back to the reading that I had received years ago about me and drowning.

No way!

 I will get back across this Bimini Road.


            At this point I begin waving my arm, indicating I needed help in exactly the way the Captain showed us the first day during our orientation. I am sure it only took a few minutes for them to get to me but do you have any idea how many times you can wave your arm frantically in a minute? All I could think of was my family and how I was not going to drown out here! I was thrilled to see that Styrofoam swim board show up with two familiar faces attached. I climbed aboard, took off my mask, and laid there being pulled back humbled by the oceans of our Mother Earth.


            As my feet hit the boat I grabbed a towel and began telling my experience. The more I talked the more emotional I felt. Finally I had to gather my emotions so I excused myself to take a shower. As I stood there alone the emotion overtook me. I held the water over my head in an attempt to wash off all of the fears that had just filled my body. Finally I turned off the water and returned to my room.


            As I stepped into the lounge for dinner the group applauded their Fearless Leader for surviving the Bimini Road. After dinner a woman who is a well known psychic approached me and shared that she felt we had just had an Atlantian memory. She explained how it was possible that we had just re-experienced a memory of Atlantis falling into the water and the emotions of being separated from those we loved. Two other women, who were part of the group who were swept downstream, expressed having had an experience of clearly being aware that I was away from them and trying to find me, mixed with also a feeling at one point or another of being separated from each other within their group. We unanimously decided it was a very intense experience and that perhaps it would make more sense to us over time. For me I feel like I could write an entire book about my experience that day.


            This encounter left everyone in the group vividly aware of the importance of sticking together. For the remainder of the week we were truly one with each other. We moved about the boat and in the water with ease and trust. Friendships were made and deepened in moments. Each time we jumped off of the boat into the water with the dolphins our smiles would broaden and you could feel the love growing within all of us.


            On the last evening the waters were calm enough that we anchored in the area where the dolphins usually are. The Captain invited us to quietly slip into the waters for a gentle night swim with the dolphins. We quietly swam into the light which was coming from the back of the boat. It was suggested that we lay still and let them come in to see us, trusting that they would. Sure enough after a few moments of floating very still in the water I noticed a dolphin off to my right. He swam within a few feet of me, checking us out and then swam off. Soon two dolphins returned and swam for several minutes with us. I was floating with three of my friends to the right of me when one of the dolphins came by and echo located all four of us with one big Zap. I heard the sound then felt the shivers run through my body as I realized the dolphin had just scanned us. We all popped our heads up and agreed that was enough for one evening! A peaceful silence seemed to settle in with everyone after that and we each retreated to our rooms for our respective dreams of the night.


            As the trip came to a close our Pod dwindled but our friendships have continued. Most of the group has been in contact with each other, thanks to the technology of email. I know I have made new lifetime friendships and have deepened the ones that existed before hand. All of the people who have crossed my path since my return have benefited from the glow that seems to be radiating from my heart. It is my intention to maintain this feeling and bring it into everything I do.  

August 6, 2004


A healing journey

 The one thing we all have in common is we all want to feel love.  We search our lives in hopes of finding someone or something that we can love and be loved by.  What if you could remember that love is the energy that connects us all and

everyone on the planet already loves you?

 Step  OneListen for the song in your heart Take a nice deep breath as you begin to read this. Let your body experience what that feels like. Take a couple of breaths, you have an infinite supply of them so take big ones.  Did you breathe with your nose or with your mouth? Relax your jaw and begin to breathe with your mouth Allow your body to make an AH sound This will shift the energy from going up your nose and into your head and will instead bring energy to your heart  Bringing your awareness to your heart supports self validation. Your heart is the instrument that brings blood to every part of your body It reaches out to each part of you and does it is best to keep you supplied with what you need to exist.  Your willingness to breathe energy into your heart is one way you can express your appreciation.  Imagine your Heart Chakra relaxed and open. Feel the breeze as it moves through the opening in your chest Recognize your heart is the center of the  Seven Chakras Allow your other Chakras to come into balance with your Heart. Experience the feeling of your Chakras suspended in harmony with each other. 

Now listen


Take your time

 Give your self however much time you need to find the music in your heart. Imagine being in your favorite placeFeel how open your heart feels 


 If you took a deep breath right now,

and let it out easily

What sound would you make? Feel that sound  Step  TwoFind the melody  Every melody is valid, especially if you have never heard it before and no one else seems to hear it. This is not what others said you should hearIt is only what isAnd that is enough. It is a part of you. Find the rhythm of the sound in your heart.Is it upbeat or gentle? How do you feel when you imagine your heart singing its song? Let yourself hum a bit of your feeling. Do it again. Do it over and overuntil it becomes familiar.  Step  ThreeDance to the music Listen to your heart when you make choices.Does your heart sing? How will your life change if you always listen to your heartand celebrate what you know? Imagine living your life in a way that you are always aware of the song in your heart. Give your heart an opportunity to sing its song How will your body move when your heart is singing? See yourself living your life with such joyand moving through your changes with ease. When you follow your heart, and move in harmony with your inner song,you will experience the delight that life offers.  Know the feeling you desire.Make choices that support this feeling. Life can be a series of celebrations as youexplore changes with trust. Trust enough to dance through your experience. Smile Hold your arms open wide Be proud of yourself Show others how to trust Choose to do the work that you know is your passionBe passionate about it. Pursue your dreams and expect to experience them. Take the quiet time you know is important Be joyful about your choices. Live your truth. 

Love everyone simply because you can.

January 29, 2004
I was reading today that Popeye is 75 years old today. That makes his birthday  1-17-1929.
So Check it out:
Sun in Capricorn- How many Capricorns do you know who grew up without the support of their "Pappy"? Most of the ones I have met had to grow up quick and learn to be strong.
Moon in Aries- I imagine his Mother also encouraged him to be on his own. Also this is definitely a guy who can have a quick emotional reaction.
Mercury in Aquarius- He speaks different than most people, sort of unconventional.
Venus in Pisces- He has one true love. He loves her with all of his heart.
Mars retrograde in Gemini- This is a guy that clearly has two different physical bodies, the regular one, who is very limber and animated and the one after spinach which becomes Super Popeye. I imagine the retrograde is this is an old ability from other lives and he has had to come to terms with the changes that occasionally take place.
Jupiter in Taurus- I'm sure he had many opportunities that were always available if he was interested. Most everybody liked popey. He also always seemed to have the money he needed or could get it.
Saturn in Sagittarius (conjunct our Galactic Center) Popeye's big lesson was to understand that he was a Super Hero.
Uranus in Aries- He could respond to a change and make a change at the drop of a hat.
Neptune in Virgo- He did tend to worry a bit.
Pluto in Cancer- He suffered the loss of family and had to ultimately re-establish family in a new way.

Living in the light

We live on a planet that rotates. Because of this we are only in the visual light of our Sun for half of the time. From the moment we became on this planet we have looked at our experience from both the light side and the dark. They both exist for us. We each know that we have a set of feelings that have come from living in the dark as well as the light. People who awaken during the dark time of day understand even more this presence within themselves, which feels dark. Those who live in lots of sunshine tend to be more cheery and optimistic.

We grow up always sensing there are two ways of seeing anything that exists. It is important to remember when we feel as if we are sitting in the darkness that we are still being shined upon by the light of our Sun. Our planet, of whom we are a part of, is always held in the light of the Sun whether we can see it or not.

As the Moon moves around our planet she reflects the light of the Sun to remind us we are held in light. As the amount of light changes, due to the astronomical realities, we on this planet can feel as if there is sometimes light, sometimes dark even coming from the Moon.

The amount of light your space and time of birth was receiving deserves consideration. Was it dark or light when you were born? What time of the year was it? Was there more or less Sun visible?

It is no wonder we question what we believe is true. Every single day of our life we have been asked to look at our situations from both sides. Consider the dark and light sides of all issues.

We are born children of light. How much light did you witness during your first few days and weeks after birth? If we were born in a place where it is always light would we have remembered sooner that we are also light?

We grow up experiencing life being in the light, aware of the warmth of the Sun. This Sun supports our planet. It also is present to remind us that we are light. We have light as a part of ourselves. As we have learned from the Sun, our inner light supports our personal planet, which we each call our lives. It is important to radiate constant light to our own lives in support of its existence.

Our planet trusts enough to move into the darkness so that her entire self can experience the light. She allows one part to go into the darkness knowing it will come up the other side soon. It is important to trust our moods, even when they become dark and dreary. Believe that you are always held in light. You are light whether you understand it or not. All you have to do is consider it and the light within begins to grow. Consider being light. Consider that you were born light. Remember how good it feels to be light, feel your joy, and allow your exuberance to show to the entire planet and beyond.
March 5, 2003

Relax And Open your heart

Were you the brightest child in your home growing up?

Did you feel like others were uncomfortable with you being so bright?

Have you had people in your life who have worked hard to suppress your heart light?

If you answer yes to these questions you might like to read this story.

I have been helping others with my intuition for many years. As a child I remember always being asked to settle down, sit still and lower my voice. Even as an adult my relatives pay reference to how I have always been different. A large portion of my adult life has involved remembering that I am a being of light, which has come into this lifetime to be love.

Recent personal experiences have led me to understand that we are all born children of light. We were born into families who were experiencing darkness. We felt it was not acceptable to be so light and bright, always joyful. In an effort to fit in we began to minimize our light. Because we are so bright this was a difficult task. If your light seemed so bright that you could not contain it you may have opened yourself up for relationships that would help you suppress your light. Some people are so bright that it took many people in one family working very hard to finally squelch their heart light.

Since 1987 we have been learning more about our light bodies. In the last three years it seems this awareness has been increasing. August of 2002 was the beginning of what feels like a mandatory wakeup call. We are now remembering that being light is a part of what this is all about.

Have you noticed lately that you seem to feel less tolerant of other peoples lack of support?

Are you making changes in your life right now to bring more joy and light into your life?

It is important to understand that in your life the people who have been helping you squelch your light are your friends. Yes, I said helping you squelch your light. When you were young you wanted to fit in. In hopes of fitting in you held your light in. When you got old enough to have a partner you probably allowed him or her to help keep your light to a minimum. When fitting in was important they were giving you what you most wanted. Times have changed and we are waking up. It is important to appreciate how these people have supported what you thought was important at the time. Love them and let your memories go.

Be light. Seems simple enough. Would you want to return to this memory and live life from a brighter vantage point? Why then, when we pursue this, do we hit so much resistance?

How many people in your life growing up told you how wonderful you are?

Who ever said that shining your light brightly was exactly what you should do?

Relaxing into our light is a process that deserves attention. It is important to become more comfortable with your self and your joy. Opening your heart to allow your heart light to radiate is an experience that we all deserve to have. We are light and love and it is important to remember this.

In August of 2002 I recorded a meditation CD with two of my musician friends. It is called Relax and Open your heart. Three weeks later I became ill and I believe I came as close to the edge of death as I care to ever be again. Returning home after two days in the hospital I found myself turning to this CD we had just recorded. The first 15 minutes is about relaxing. Every muscle in my body was tight and it was great to hear my own voice reminding me to relax. Then the second track began to play. I realized after listening over and over to my words that I was hearing exactly what I needed. I was not aware when I recorded these words that I would need to hear them continuously in order for me to heal.

Here is my voice, supported by wonderful piano and violin music, gently asking me to remember that I am light. I began to realize that many people on our planet are experiencing discomfort in their lives and bodies because they do not feel comfortable letting their heart light shine brightly. Each of us in our own way is waking up and wanting to express some piece of ourselves. Part of our struggle is with our memories of lack of acceptance. Our bodies are sometimes afraid to let out our light. Some people have memories of that being a problem.

This motivated me to donate the CD to places where people are uncomfortable. My mind immediately went to Cancer Treatment Centers and Hospice offices. When I met with people in these facilities I discovered that although they have a lending library they did not have any CD players. I joined forces with my friends at a local radio station and we started a new program called Players for Healing. We received enough donations from our community to purchase 35 players for nine local medical facilities. A copy of Relax and Open your Heart is inside each one of them.

I believe a huge part of our healing process is about remembering. I am witnessing my clients answering yes to all of the first three questions. I see people from many different walks of life saying Yes, I was the brightest kid in my house growing up and that was not always acceptable. Our planet is waking up, and as her people we are also remembering who we are and why we are here. I believe that living life in joy is largely what this life is about.

Deciding to Remember

When December 1st rolls around each year I drag out the boxes of all of my Christmas things, hang up the stockings and begin to remember. Last year, the year before, so many wonderful memories. It is a time to remember how much we love our friends and family. If I am not too busy I decide to reach out and let them know how I feel. I decide what to buy them for presents and I decide to remember what an important part of my life they really are.

I also remember how I love to sing and even if I cannot carry much of a tune or remember all of the words I decide it is ok to sing anyway. People who never go to church sing songs about God. Songs of peace fill our hearts. Remember and decide to sing with joy and enthusiasm.

Take time this December to remember what is really important to you. Then decide to do something to express this. You will feel as much love in your heart as the person who is receiving it from you.

When January arrives can we still remember? Imagine having these feelings all year long.
This December decide to remember forever. Remember forever that you are love and light . Remember to share this light and love with everything you see. Decide to remember that you are a part of something greater than just yourself and you are loved and supported by this greatness. As you express your appreciation for the support in your life you will remember how much you are loved. Let this be your gift to yourself this holiday season. Let your heart fill with love, enough to last you all year long.

Make the decision to remember.

December 8, 2002

Here's something written by my 13 year old son Drake. It seemed like a good time to share it.

What it Means to be an American

American, a word often overlooked. For you see it is not just a civilization, it is a freedom. I am an American, a person of freedom. A person whose nationality ends with I can.

We have freedom of speech. We can speak our minds and let the ideas flow! A mind is not a prison; it is a free land like the one that we live in. Interests flow free to show self-confidence and personality. And although some civilizations say we should keep it to ourselves, we let it go by and feel free.

Men and women vote for who will make this land even better and happier. Men and women alike have the freedom to choose whether to vote or not. For we are civilized, and do not judge others by gender, and we have the choice to make better choices.

And though I say this last, it is certainly not the least. A public education for children and adults. Whether learning the alphabet or building computers, a focused and wise mind is needed. Schools and colleges teach anything and everything that you need to know to succeed in life.

American is not just a word, but also a living. For we are free! We are Americans!

Why do we get sick?

Have you ever wondered why we get sick? I consider myself a rather clear individual on many levels yet I have experienced seemingly continual difficult physical experiences over the last few years. My work has been expanding throughout this time at levels beyond my ability to keep up with the explanations. Yet each time I seem to reach what is about to be a peak in my career I experience radical vertigo, or they tell me I will be having a hysterectomy. When I broke my leg, I understood that my lessons would require that I totally stop and just observe myself.
Over the years my work has become more and more all about light and love. I know that for as long ago as I can remember someone thought I was too bright. As a child I always remember being the one kid in the room with the most energy. When I achieved something with the brightness it seemed acceptable but to just be radiant? I do not think so. Believing that what I was observing was the all I wanted to be a part of I began to learn how to diminish my heart light so that my exuberance would not be a problem. I even discovered how to create relationships to help squelch the light within. I got very good at it.
One day the light from beneath the bushel began to wake up and break through the shell. My ability to keep the light from showing seemed more impossible every day. How can I do this? Everything in my life seemed like it really did not want me to be light. I had reached a point in my existence that I believed what was happening was disaster.
I distanced myself from those who seemed less understanding of what was taking place. Yet as I became more aware of my light body the love I experienced was incredible. Eventually I found a space where I could live and begin to allow the light within. Wonderful as it was I began having physical problems that were clearly getting in the way.
This brought me to this question. Why do we get sick?
My most recent physical challenge involved being where I believe to be the edge between physical life and pure spirit. I made a very clear choice to be here. Upon my return to my body I began to listen and understand a great deal.
I have learned that when we as humans get really sick or have a life threatening experience we return to forgiveness. How many stories of families who have been distant yet someone nearly dies and everyone gets together just to love each other? All is forgiven. When life gets confusing and we feel like we have done something wrong we seek the love of those near us and ask their forgiveness.
I asked myself what was I feeling such a need to be forgiven for? I instantly knew it was about being light. My entire life I have been aware of this light inside of me. I have tried my best to keep it under control in order to fit in to what I thought was all that is. I have been asking for forgiveness in one way or another for my whole life because I thought being bright was wrong.
Everything I have done has led me to this understanding and acceptance of myself as light. I have recently made a global proclamation of being light and love. I openly stated I was light and there would be no more bushel. I now realize how important it is for me to be this light so that others can also remember.
Remember that we are light. Life is love and this is why we are here.

Getting from Here to There

How do we get from here to there? No matter where we are we continue to move and shift. Occasionally we feel stuck. So what are the steps to move out of where you are?

1. Release your attachment to what you are doing and allow yourself to consider who is underneath.

Allow yourself to step back from what you do long enough to find the person that is doing it. How is this person feeling? Are they content and feeling loved? Are their needs being met? What does this part of your self need? Consider giving these things to yourself.

2. Spend time with your underneath self and explore the feelings that exist in that space.

What portion of your life do you devote to what you do? Consider giving yourself time to explore other ideas and feelings. Watch yourself and see how different it is for you. Ask yourself how happy you are with what you do. Who do you see yourself becoming? Is it a true reflection of your self?

3. Allow your underneath self to begin to participate in your everyday life.

Give permission to this part of yourself to participate in what you do. Become aware of how differently you handle your typical daily process. Does it make it lighter and easier to move through your day?

4. Release your attachment to what others are doing and consider their underneath self as well.

Other people are the same as you in that we all have an underneath self. Some people are more comfortable than others to allow this to express.

5. Be with others, meeting them at the energy level of their underneath selves.

Through your willingness to see that part in others you will support them feeling it as well. As you release yourself from identifying with what they do your response to them will change. This can effect how they see you and may influence their choices as well.

6. Experience the shift.

Stay open to what happens after that. Release the need to decide what to do long enough for you to see what is already beginning. Magic happens in our lives when we release the need to control it. The divine life that is available has the potential to bring us everything that is perfect for us.

May 10, 2002

What is the best thing I can do at this time?

Count your blessings.
If you are fortunate enough to live somewhere beautiful,
appreciate it.
If you have people in your life that you love,
appreciate them.
Many people are experiencing painful events.
It is important that someone hold light for them
to see more clearly during this time of healing.
Think of something that brings you joy
and carry it around in your heart.
Offer the world a bit of light
as often as you can remember.
If you are feeling pain or anger towards someone you care about,
back up and remember a memory of them that is filled with love.
Hold that thought instead when you think of them.
Allow yourself to experience the love that exists around you.
Be a part of it.
November 6, 2001

Birth is like Amnesia

Birth is like amnesia. We spend the rest of our life remembering what we were sure that we could never forget. It seemed so clear before we got here.
I often joke about the great Italian Restaurant in the sky. It is a place where we go between lifetimes to re-evaluate and make choices for our next life. We share the table with our closest friends and family. This is where we realize that we each have been playing many roles for each other along the way. We admit that we were very convinced that the roles played were actually the true being. In this place we understand more clearly why our lives go the way they do. After dinner we pass out the scripts for our next life and ask who will help us in our journey. Sometimes we have a need to break a pattern. For instance, one might have had several lifetimes of being in control even to the level of abuse. In order to change those desires it could be important to understand why not to be that way. So the plea goes out to those who love you. Who will help show me why a person would not want to be this way? No one seems to want this role. Everyone is sure that you would hate anyone who acted this way. After a great amount of reassurance, and a promise to love them no matter what, you enter into an agreement with your dearest friend who promises to help you change your ways.
Remember what I said about birth being like amnesia? As soon as you are born you begin to forget what was going to be such a good idea. No one is there to remind you to love everyone, especially those with the most painful lessons. We do not understand why these people treat us the way they do. We forget how deeply we are loved, and life begins to twist from there. If we could only remember that we have chosen our experiences because we knew they were exactly what we needed. To remember that those we associate our deepest pain with are really the ones who love us the most. If anyone has shown you a way that you know you never want to be, consider saying thank you, at least in your heart.
We have also forgotten that this was to be a wonderful life. Life is an amazing opportunity and should be cherished and respected. Very few people have the chance to have these thoughts reinforced. We forget so early on that being alive on this planet at this time is fabulous. We are taught how hard life is and that struggle is real. We are told that if you are lucky enough to find love you should do whatever it takes to keep it, at any cost. This idea says that love is a rare commodity that perhaps only some of us will experience. Fortunately we are discovering that love is the energy that runs between all of us. If you let yourself you can love all people. This is where we are going, and it leads to remembering.

Remember that you are a divine being.
Remember that you are loved even more than you can imagine.
Remember that life has many wonderful experiences to offer and life can happen easily.
Remember how happy you were to be born.
Remember how much help you knew you would have once you got here.
Remember what a good choice it was that you made to be here.
Remember that this is an incredible opportunity to be on this planet at this time.
Remember that those who have  hurt you the deepest are your dearest friends. They love you enough to help you learn.
Remember this was your idea.

The Bridge of Understanding
It seems we spend so much time seeking love. Wanting it and fearing constantly that it could be taken away. What is important to remember is that love is the energy that connects all living things. It will continue beyond the point where our conscious minds exist. It is an energy that many have tried to stop and they have developed anger and a variety of other emotions to experience because of it. If you are angry because someone seems to have taken away the love or even the opportunity to love, then it is time to understand that you can feel love no matter what. It is up to you. Obviously it is easier to experience love when the situation provides all of the important props. The test comes when the props are gone. It is important to remember that we govern our feelings and it is up to us to set our own mood.
Take a moment and remember something wonderful. Let your self feel completely the joy and love that you felt at that time. This shows you that you always have access to all of your feelings. Now think of some one that you care deeply for and remember a time that you were angry with them. This proves that they are not responsible for your feelings or you would always feel the same. You begin to understand that you really are choosing how you want to respond to each person. Every time you see them your mood will be colored by how your day has gone.
Take a moment and think of all of the people that you do not understand or agree with, yet you still love them deeply. Realize that you could not stop loving them if you tried. You may not like them or even like that you love them, but you do and you realize it will never change. Now imagine that you are on a bridge with all of these people off to one side. Know how much you love them but you understand that you cannot be around them and still have a healthy life.
Then look off to the other side and realize that here are all of the people who do not understand or agree with you. They may not like you or even like that they love you, but they could not stop loving you if they tried because love goes on no matter what. You now need to accept that all of the people who you believe stopped loving you, or kept you from being able to love them, have never stopped loving you for a moment. They may not have chosen to be in touch with that love but it will run deeply in them forever. Nothing you can do will stop that.
You can choose to be angry that you love or grieve that you are no longer allowing yourself to feel it. This seems pretty normal in our society. No one teaches us that we are loved right from the beginning and will be loved every day of our lives. It is time for us to remember this. When you fear losing another persons love remember that you can only lose sight of your own love. Keep a strong focus on the love in your heart and you will find that life supports this. As you feel love you attract others who are doing the same and you raise the experience for those around you who have forgotten. Right outside of our illusion we are whole and loved, and we are deeply connected to every other thing in our existence. Remind yourself of this often and love something deeply everyday of your life. This will keep you healthy and alive.

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