Buddha was born a Prince, yet he chose to step away from the position and the wealth to seek spiritual enlightenment. He did achieve this.


What if when Buddha finished his life this is what happened?


THE VOICE OF GOD: So, Buddha, I see you have attained great spiritual understanding but I also see here that you refused the gifts of the material world in order to do that. You need to go back and use what you have learned spiritually to create and embrace financial abundance.


Fast Forward to sometime in the 1950’s, Buddha is reborn into a middle class family. He is raised by those who struggle financially and he is taught that money is scarce and he will have to work very hard if he wants to survive. He grows up believing in scarcity and is taught not to want for too much but to find contentment in what he has. This comes easily to Buddha because his soul remembers the advantage of not having.


Buddha grows up and when he gets to be working age he sees a choice available. He can either go to college and get a degree, which in his mind means make lots of money, or follow the feeling in his heart that says do something more creative or spiritual and the rewards will be “better than money”. Buddha chooses the second choice and tells himself this is the way.


Years go by and Buddha survives but he is very aware of the “money issue”. He tells himself that sharing wisdom and helping others reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness is reward enough for him. More years go by and Buddha still finds great reward in his work but he keeps having this feeling that there is something missing.  Buddha decides to use what he knows to gain more understanding of money so he begins to meditate on the issue.


Finally one day he begins to remember the conversation he had with God. “…use what you have learned spiritually to create and embrace financial abundance.”


Buddha knew that love is what connects all people and somehow this must be a clue. One day he realized that money is an energetic exchange of Love between people manifesting on the physical plane. Buddha began to understand that in order to become the Zen Billionaire he must meditate and see others wanting to share the love they feel for him and realize that one way to do that is by allowing them to give him money. He understood that money is an expression of Love and because Love connects all people then money must be another form of a Love exchange. He realized he had spent his life being the giver and never allowing others to express their gratitude in this way. Buddha began to understand that the exchange of money was a physical expression of “Thank you” and “I love you”. Although it felt awkward initially to let himself be financially supported he began to witness how happy it made them to have an opportunity to express their gratitude. He realized that money exchange benefits both parties and that it was a healthy form of appreciation.


Buddha now began to welcome and benefit financially and he realized that although he had found contentment in not having he also realized that his soul needed to understand this lesson.


I know many of us have this issue and I am grateful for this story coming to me. I know in my heart that I have been more comfortable giving than receiving and I am ready for that to change. I know that many people want to be more supportive than I allow them to be and now is the time for me to welcome your support.


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