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FOR 2022



ARIES – Shine your light brightly in January even when life gives you challenges. Significant change in February is good news for you financially. Make a decision in March and be ready to follow through. Slow down a little in April and let yourself catch up. May brings a glimpse of things that will come at the end of the year. Opportunities present themselves in June and being authentic will help them happen. Give attention to yourself and your home in July and be sure you have what you need. Stay optimistic in August and realize the changes are leading you in the right direction. Relationships may want your attention in September and it’s important to continue putting yourself first. Be patient with the people around you in October and be willing to let your plans change. Emotional situations become inspiring in November so get involved with what moves you. The end of this year brings opportunities for a chance to do what you want. Have faith in your dreams and go for them.


TAURUS – Cooperation is available in January so consider being open to the support of others. Changes happen easily in February and this is showing you that you are enough. Trust your intuition in March as it invites you to make more changes. Realize you are right where you belong in April and give yourself credit for getting there. Changes in May ultimately lead to more stability in the long run. June brings pleasure and celebrations so enjoy yourself. Create more structure in July by rearranging a few things. Stay focused during August and be sure you are doing it your way. September brings new experiences so stay flexible with your approach. Speak up in October and ask for what you want. Push yourself in November and go beyond your old boundaries. December invites you to make decisions that help your life be easier and a lot more fun. Keep your heart open because magic is happening.


GEMINI – Make a plan in January to slow down a bit in the near future. Apply yourself in February and realize you are getting ready to make significant changes. Follow your heart in March and let it lead you to what makes you happy. Look at the bigger picture in April and realize many things are possible. Only agree to things you want to do in May and remind yourself this is part of the new approach. Decisions made in June are designed to make your life easier. A very busy July puts a twinkle in your eye and a bounce in your walk. Appreciate your home and family in August and remind yourself what is important. Lots of change in September lifts your spirits and brings inspiration. Appreciate your relationships in October and remind yourself what a difference they make in your life. An intense November asks for you to step up and be responsible. Listen to the people in your life in December and understand how important their words are. New beginnings are right around the corner and it’s important to be optimistic.


CANCER - Resist the desire to retreat in January and shine your light for all to see. Perseverance pays off in February as you keep moving towards what you want. Actions speak louder than words in March so step up and make the changes. Cooperation is available in April especially when you are willing to talk about your dreams. Let yourself be supported in May and realize this is necessary in order to get your fresh start. An awkward feeling in June is simply because you are doing something new. Be open about what you need in July and stay receptive to the help of others. An honest conversation in August is exactly what you have needed for a while. Work behind the scenes in September and you can prepare for what’s coming. Relationships could surprise you in October and it will be important to be open to what is happening. An invitation in November needs you to be brave in the near future. Step into unfamiliar territory in December and you will see many new doors opening up for you. Stay optimistic about the opportunities that present themselves.


LEO – Be a cooperative influence in January and demonstrate that you can be a team player. Take care of business in February and realize how important this is. Find a new approach in March and let the world see new sides of you. Trust your intuition in April especially when it asks you to be patient. Validate yourself in May in order to be sure you get what you need. Step forward in June and let the world see how amazing you are. Speak up in July and talk about all of the changes you want to make in the near future. Give attention to your living situation in August and make your comfort a priority. A playful approach in September is exactly what your contribution to relationships needs to be. Recognize your own intensity in October and direct it into something positive. Endings in November are simply making space for the good things that are coming. Be resilient in December and demonstrate your ability to make changes. Have faith in the new directions that are showing up.


VIRGO – Be willing to revisit situations in order to inspire healing in January. Recognize how much support you have in February to make the changes that you dream about. Action taken in March creates a ripple of changes in many areas. Step back a little in April and let yourself review what has been happening. Find your own pace in May as you watch many people around you speeding up. Realize your actions are inspiring others in June and do your best to demonstrate integrity. Have faith in July as many things around you are changing. Be patient in August as it takes a while for some things to come together. Appreciate and enjoy the relationships that you hold dear in September and be grateful to be able to. Make a positive contribution to your life in October that allows you to see the difference you are making. Open your heart in November and feel the love in your life. Make a decision in December that supports your happiness. Remind yourself that this is now your priority.


LIBRA – Take the high road in January and show yourself how capable you are. Stay faithful to yourself in February and realize how important this is. Trust your intuition in March as it invites you to try something new. Let yourself dream in April and consider letting your dreams come true. Completion in May makes it easy to move forward with enthusiasm. Be a little bit selfish in June and realize how good that feels. A busy July finds you being invited to lots of social situations that lift your mood. Give your living situation your attention in August and do things that make it more comfortable. Put a little bounce in your walk in September and let the world know you are open to your life changing. Relationships could surprise you in October and it’s important to keep an open heart. Trust is required in November as you watch many changes happening around you. Hold light in December and remind yourself to be the optimistic one. Remind yourself that there is a transformation inside of you happening and it’s a good one.


SCORPIO – Decisions made in January are impacting and effective. Follow through with more changes in February and you will realize how good this feels. Listen to your inner voice in March as it guides you to make more change. Your intuition is spot on in April so follow your heart as it leads you to being happier. Take a few time outs in May as many things in your life are being rearranged. It’s easier to take a lot of little steps in June and you need to realize you are still moving forward. Patience is required in July while you figure out what to do next. A renewed confidence in August is exactly what will help you be successful. Make an effort to be optimistic in September even when you have very few facts. More definition in October will make it easier for you to relax. Be completely true to yourself in November and remind yourself you are amazing. December gives you the chance to show the world who you are and the difference you want to make. Believe in yourself and other people will do the same.


SAGITTARIUS – January is your chance to show the world what you are made of. Continue to demonstrate your talents in February and discover many people want to learn from you. Find some private time to recharge in March and remind yourself why this is important. Notice the completion in April and accept that this is necessary in order to move on. Watch for a glimpse of things to come in May and remember to be patient. Have some fun in June and you will see this is an important ingredient for you to be happy. Do something new in July and discover there are many things that you can still learn. Hard work pays off in August and you will begin to see the difference you are making. Talk to the people around you in September and let them know what you are up to. Welcome new relationships in October and make an effort to be a part of your community. Be honest about how you feel in November so you can take care of what you need. Feel proud of yourself in December and receive the praise and support of others. Welcome this opportunity to expand yourself and your dreams.


CAPRICORN – Pay close attention to your inner dialogue in January and realize the decisions you are making. Conversations are open and honest in February and this is your chance to talk about what you are doing. Demonstrate your changes in March and notice how it makes you feel. A strong understanding in April helps you understand what is now true for you. Keep it simple in May and move quietly with whatever you are doing. Your changes are starting to show in June and it’s important for you to feel confident about your choices. Create some private space for yourself in July and let your mind and body rejuvenate. Start a new regime in August and it will be very effective. Distractions could be challenging in September and it’s important to remember your new choices. Keep your opinions to yourself in October and remind yourself what you see in others is a reflection of a part of yourself. Forward progress is very apparent in November and it’s important to give yourself credit. New decisions in December are an extension of what you have been working on recently. Give yourself permission to start creating the bigger picture.


AQUARIUS - Decisions made in January are big ones and can change the direction of your life. Steps taken in February are cooperative and will create more change. Appreciate what you are doing in March and remind yourself that is why you are doing it. Let your intuition guide you in April as you follow your heart. Listen, listen then listen some more in May and pay attention to everything that you hear. New beginnings are showing up in June and it’s important to understand there will be plenty to choose from. A very active July is filled with a variety of experiences and will wake up many sides of yourself. Take care of the basics in August and realize you are preparing for what’s coming. September finds you actively exploring new places and fun experiences. Relationships get your attention in October and it’s time to feel the love in your life. Let go of needing to know the outcome in November and venture into unfamiliar areas. Notice how radiant you are in December and remind yourself what you have done that is causing this. Keep shining and discover what happens when you do.


PISCES – Surprise yourself in January by making decisions that you have only dreamed about. Set new goals for yourself in February and realize how good the structure feels. Listen to your inner guidance in March as it leads you towards happiness. Love yourself and your journey in April and remember why that is so important. Do what feels right in May and you will find what you are looking for. Slow down in June and let your heart manifest what it wants. Let July be a playful month filled with frivolous experiences and gentle indulgences. Listen to your body in August and do exactly what it is asking. Hold steady with your physical changes in September and realize you are changing an old habit. Notice how your body is showing you the impact your choices are making in October and be proud of yourself. Believe in yourself completely in November as you turn a significant corner and elevate your life. Feel proud of yourself in December and give yourself credit for your contribution to your change. Remember you are the one that made the choices and it’s time to feel the rewards.